EU-INDIA Partnership

In this project, workshops are very significant as the project desires participation of all the stakeholders involved in the process of ECBC adoption and compliance. There are 2 National workshops proposed and 4 Regional workshops proposed under this project. The Indian geography is divided in 4 regions based on the ECBC adoption status in the states. All state designated authorities, Discoms, ULBs, works department, individual consultants etc. are part of the stakeholders in the regions. In National workshop the regions are invited to discuss the approached adopted by other regions (states). In regional workshops this very same discussion is taken forward from the experience sharing point of view and more involvement from the stakeholders is foreseen.

Exchange experience with EU experts and market actors online! As part of the Clean Energy Cooperation with India (CECI): Legal and policy support to the development and implementation of energy efficiency legislation for the building sector in India project, the Common Implementation Forum for Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) initiative is running a series of webinars related to energy efficiency in buildings. The webinars will focus on the following main areas:

  • Processes and experiences by industry and market players in preparing and responding to the requirements of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), particularly in relation to building energy codes and energy performance certification (EPC). This is applicable to the first two overview topics.
  • Orientation to practical business issues, needs and opportunities, including technology transferability and applicability between EU and India. This is applicable to the specific technology topics.
  • Examples of best practice solutions.

Browse our archive of past webinars. Videos will be available shortly after the live session.

  1. EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive: the story, a continuing journey and its learnings for India, August 2018, Kevin O’ Rourke
  2. Energy Performance Certification (EPC) as a tool for market change, November 2018, Rui Fragoso
  3. Notification process and EMIS, November 2018, Saurabh Diddi and Iva Fakin
  4. Building Glass Industry: regulatory and markets developments dynamics in Europe and beyond, April 2019, C. Carre, E. Valentin and S. Haridas
  5. The EPBD drive for low energy buildings: the (external) insulation industry response, May 2019, Ralf Pasker
  6. The role of HVAC systems in the new energy-efficient world, June 2019, Costas Theofylaktos

Please find the guide on how to connect and participate to the webinars here.

Various trainings are designed for all kind of stakeholders. A detailed training calendar is prepared which includes trainings for students, engineers, architects, government officials etc. on their specific needs. “What is ECBC” is generic topic and all of them are trained on this. “How to implement” is the most important task and the trainings are developed on this approach only. What exactly is to be seen in the compliance process from the specific stakeholder is prepared and delivered to them in various trainings and events held in all 4 states over the time. The trainings conducted in all states can be found here.

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